End of the Line

I don’t really want to say this but unfortunately it seems that this will be the last post for this blog. I have done my best to keep it updated but with family commitments and lack of time in general I have found it almost impossible to stay current.
I will however keep this site up so that Americans can see what National Populism has to offer for our country. I am sorry if I have let my readers downs but it is for the best.

Just know that those who take the time to read what is here will know that there is a vision for our country. A vision that will help bring this country out of our current abyss. A vision for a New America.

God bless you all.



And They’re Off…

Today is the official start of the 2012 election believe it or not. Even in this earliest of early stages what have we learned about the candidates who are left?

Mitt Romney: The seemingly heir-apparent to the nomination is what the media would have you believe.  He is lukewarm to the conservative base that hates moderation. He wants to repeal Obama’s health plan, a national blueprint of the Massachusetts plan, and thinks Obama is the worst president in history.

Newt Gingrich: Blast from the past with skeletons in the closet. Academic, intelligent but not the pure candidate that the conservatives are looking for. Thinks Obama is the worst president in history

Rick Perry: Flash-in-the-pan with no chance of winning. Thinks Obama is the worst president in history.

Rick Santorum: A blue-collar guy with a good back-story. He is the perfect candidate for the religious right and social conservatives but that is all. Thinks Obama is the worst president in history.

Michele Bachmann: Inexperienced congresswoman with no real filter. Comes off phony and doesn’t know her facts. Thinks Obama is the worst president in history

Ron Paul: Uber-Isolationist who wants society a little above anarchy and blames America for 9/11. He has a solid base of libertarian support but won’t be elected. He could split from Republicans and go the Ross Perot route which equals Obama wins.

Jon Huntsman: Solid candidate with good credentials but too moderate for today’s Republican party.

So here they are folks the ones who want to be president. One thing they all have in common is their belief, or pander, that Obama is the worst president this nation has ever seen.

What we don’t know is how they will help our country. As we begin the 2012 cycle pay close attention to what their plans are but don’t be fooled by what you want to hear.

Feeling Good is No Good

Thanks to the reporting done 60 Minutes that revealed the legal insider trading done by our elected officials Congress is now going to take up the STOCK Act, which will prevent Congressmen/women from trading based on information they receive from political intelligence operatives when passing legislation.

This sounds all well and good but take a closer look. Yes this stops our elected officials from trading based on current legislation they pass but this does not stop them from trading based on information while the legislation is being created in committees and boardrooms. All the STOCK Act does is stop our officials from trading after the fact, not before and during.

All the STOCK Act amounts to is feel-good legislation that exempts our officials from rules that the rest of us have to follow. Feel-good is no good, not while the rest of us our scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to get by.

But do not get angry at them. We are all up in arms that our officials are crooks who promise to better our situation while digging their hands deeper into our pockets. But they are not to blame.

We are to blame.

What is happening in Washington is a reflection of ourselves. Congress’s approval rating is almost like a hockey score but incumbents are reelected in vast numbers. We say Congress sucks and needs to be changed but when asked everyone says their Congressmen or Senator is doing a great job and should be reelected.

We want change but don’t want to put forth the effort. We talk when we should act. We talk and talk and when nothing comes of it we throw up our hands and give up.

I challenge you to act! Get off the couch and get involved. If we act and build from the bottom up we will effect change; we will be heard.

Nothing in life is easy, especially changing an established political culture. But if we are not afraid to dig deep within ourselves and push for what we want all the time, eventually the dam will break and the rushing tide will sweep away all that is wrong and damaging in or country.

It is time for National Populism to be that wave. Join me and establish the National Populist presence and message and let us make our country prosperous and fair once again.

Closing the Trade Gap

This idea is not my own and I am making that clear. I found this on the website votefordemocracy.org where people can go and propose “ballot questions” and candidates and vote on them. Below was a ballot question that was vote heavily in favor for (46 For, 6 Against).

“Every 3 months import duties will increase or decrease by the following formula: If imports exceed exports by 10% using the past 12 months imports/exports data, all imported raw materials, goods and services (for US consumption) shall be subject to an increase in import duties of 1/2% for future imports, correspondingly if exports exceed imports by 10% duties shall be reduced by 1/2%, but not below zero. Implementation of the above is realistic in that changes are relatively small and somewhat predicable so business interests can plan accordingly.”

The services that were mentioned mean “foreign call centers servicing US customers, engineering and product development services that are a component of products sold in the US.”

This is a solid plan and I hope that somehow this gets into the mainstream political discussion.

National Populism on the Move

I was recently told by a subscriber who lives in Colorado that she is starting up a National Populist Club along with a couple of her friends. There are also rumors of other clubs in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and California. I am not sure how many of these other clubs are real or just rumor but  I am very glad that ordinary people are taking a stand and answering the call to provide a better future for every American.

These people are taking action and are setting the necessary example. If we are to be the change we want to see we must stand up and take action. It is easy to point a finger and complain about what happens, but it is right to do something to make things better.  Again I am glad to hear the creation of the Clubs to help spread the word about National Populism and our plan for a New America and I hope that you, fellow readers, will continue this necessary commitment.

A Democratic Flaw

This is a dangerous planet. Only a politician would try to tell you otherwise. And I’m not talking about wars–we’re America, we win our wars. There are earthquakes, storms, and volcanoes. Plagues can appear out of nowhere and slaughter millions of people. Blights can wipe out our crops. A meteor the size of a bus can hit the earth and send us back to the Stone Age. An extraordinary solar flare could destroy our electronics or heat our atmosphere so much that our crops all die and we starve.

And whom do we put in charge of helping us prepare to cope with such disasters? People whose only talent is to get elected, and whose entire future consists of the run-up to the next election. It’s not their fault–anyone who doesn’t think and act that way won’t win. It’s the fundamental problem with democracy. No long-range thinking. So we’re sitting ducks, waiting for the next disaster.

If you want to know what destroyed the Roman Empire, it was two plagues, a century apart, that killed about thirty percent of the population each time. That’s why there weren’t enough soldiers to keep the legions at full strength. That’s why the emperors had to invite barbarian tribes to farm the abandoned land and fill the abandoned cities.

Only now we are talking about the whole world. Whom do we invite in to settle the empty land when it’s the whole world that’s been depopulated?

National Populism Embodied

I was searching around the internet and I came across an interesting third party. The party is called the New American Independent Party; it also goes by the name National Self-Reliance Party. Much of what this party stands for is exactly what National Populism stands for. As you look through the “Issues” tabs (there are two of them) much of what they believe comes right from National Populism.

National Populism is about self-reliance. America can only remain strong if we rely primarily on ourselves. National Populism believes that manufacturing must be the backbone of this country once again; the NAIP wants to create a U.S. manufacturing strategy. Both National Populism and the NAIP want the middle class to have a fair shake in America after it has had the crap kicked out of it for the last few decades.

I whole-heartedly support the ideas of the NAIP and I hope that you, my fellow readers, will look at their website, its in the Blogroll, and do what you can to help grow that party. If you believe that National Populism is the best choice for a better America, then do whatever possible to help spread the NAIP message.